Next Meeting: Monday, APRIL 7TH,2014



7:00 PM




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Dance Party Saturday April 26, 2014














BLOOMERSIDE             LINDA KAVANAUGH 914-669-8377

NWCC                              JOANNE RANALLI     914-669-5520

PIETSCH GARDENS        EDNA BROOKS           914-845-1108

VAIL’S GROVE           MAUREEN MCHALE         631-332-1741

STAR RIDGE MANOR       SCOTT CEROSKY        914-669-8377

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Lakeside Landscaping Friday April 7th, 2014

The Peach Lake Environmental Coalition is co-hosting with the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Putnam County an informative evening with guest speaker Dianne Olsen, Senior Educator, CCE Environmental Horticulture and Natural Resources.

Topic’s of discussion will be:

-How all our properties impact the water quality of the lake

-Tips on environmentally friendly landscaping and planting practices

 April 7, 2014 7:00-8:00pm at the Vail’s Grove Pavillion

Registration is encouraged

Contact Pat Ryan at or 516-790-7797

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Helpful Links

  1. Cornell Copperative Extension
  2.  Gaia Institute                                               
  3. NYC Department of Environmental Protection
  4. NYC Department of Health                
  5. NYS Office of the Attorney General               
  6. United States Environmental Protection Agency
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Peach Lake Environmental Coalition February 10, 2014

            Summary of Agenda from February 10, 2014 Meeting

1) Outlet Committee:  The Board invited a Mrs. Joan Goldberg, who was involved in a dredging project at Shrub Oak Lake; she explained that they created a Lake Management District made up of approximately 140 residents of the area. The cost of the project was $500,000 and they received $250,000 of grant funding. The $250,000 was approved by the Town Board of Yorktown and was bonded out over 12 years. (Joan was not sure of the amount each resident paid per year but will check and email Scott) As she recalls the engineering report was paid for by the town and is the first thing that must be done to identify the total cost and to get all neighbors to approve the district. She did not know any of the details of total cubic yards of material removed, or regulatory permits and Charlie Pound could not make the meeting, so Scott Cerosky will check with him to get the numbers. She did say that all the material was originally stored on site, until it dried and then spread over the land. She said the cost of trucking would have made the project too expensive. The members thanked her for all her help.

2) Paul W also added that he spoke with other dredgers and the cost of doing an area approximately 600′ x600′ x 10′ deep would be $800,000 to $1,000,000 with leaving the material dredged on site or close by, the cost to truck it away could be double. He also said that the first step is an engineering survey and mapping of the area. Diane D, asked if she could get a Report from the Outlet Committee about the dredging and Scott C. said he would do that.

3) Lake Ecology Committee:  Pat Ryan said she is working with Cornell Cooperative Extension and will get back to us with types of planting and buffering.  Scott C. also showed a pamphlet that Cornell Cooperative Extension puts out that maybe helpful to all our residents.

4) Outreach Committee:  No new ideas were made for the next newsletter but Charlie said they are during a great job. Also everyone agree that Lori T. will be missed and thank her for the great job she did setting up the web site and being secretary.

5) Grant Committee:  The Grant committee presents a letter/report on the April Dance ideas and shows the goals, expense and revenues. Charlie V made a motion that the board approves 200. In upfront money for supplies and that a letter of thanks be sent to the Bloomerside Coop for letting the fund raiser happen there. All members presented voted in favor.

6) Old Business:  Scott Cerosky gave in the $200 for  Starr Ridge and Ralph gave a check in for the seed money for Pietsches, that means all the areas around the Lake have made their contribution to fund PLEC. Thanks to all

7) Next meeting date is Monday, March 3, 2014 and Jack Waltzer has reserved the first Monday of the month at the Vail’s Grove Pavilion for the rest of the year for PLEC meetings. Thanks Jack that great.

8) Jack W made a motion to adjoin and 2nd by Charlie V all voted in favor.

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January Newsletter

Peach Lake Pulse January Issue

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Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Peach Lake Environmental Coalition is Monday, March 3rd at 7:00 pm in the Vail’s Grove Pavilion.

All are welcome to attend!

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PLEC Newsletter-Dec. 23, 2013

December 2013

To: All Homeowners, Residents, and Business Owners in the Greater Peach Lake Community

Re:  Letter from the President of the Peach Lake Environmental Coalition

Re: Instructions for shutting down your grinder pump and Sewer District contact Information

Dear Peach Lake Community,

I write these greetings to you during the holiday season with blessings of joy and light as all of the religious traditions expound.

As we embark on the New Year, it is a privilege to shepherd the newly formed Peach Lake Environmental Coalition.

We are eager to tap into the old and new leadership this organization has successfully recruited. Each Peach Lake community is represented on the Board of Directors but as important, this organization is open to any property owner in Peach Lake. Being a property owner is the only requirement of being a member. At every meeting, we will value any idea or concern that you may have. The meetings are the usually the first Monday of each month and are held at the Vail’s Pavilion at 7 pm, thanks to the enduring generosity of the Board of the Vail’s Grove Cooperative.

Many of us worked hard to see that monies we were entitled to were procured for the Waste Water Treatment Plant which was sorely needed to stem the tide of Peach Lake’s diminishing quality. The failing and overburdened septic systems, was cited by professionally funded studies as the major reason the lake was beginning to deteriorate.  Having that study in hand helped us to champion our cause to secure funds to see that a sewer system be installed and that has become a reality, as you know.

But the work to further enhance our beloved Peach Lake is upon us.  We will not quit until we see our lake restored to its pristine condition.

Even though we are newly formed, we have already focused our efforts on enacting recommendations from another study completed in 2008 by Hahn Engineering.  Our goal is to procure funds to reduce storm water runoff from entering our lake. Along with our encouragement, Warren Lucas, our North Salem Supervisor and Jim Hahn, Engineer, have partnered to apply for funds from the Water Quality Improvement Program. Tony Hay, Supervisor of Southeast is also supportive of the initiative.

We are also exploring ways to clear the outlet in the northern section of our lake and discuss alternatives to the high concentration of phosphorus in the lake which results in increased sediment and weeds.

The Peach Lake Environmental Coalition has continued its partnership with the New York State Federation of Lake Associations and has procured five copies of their book, DIET FOR A SMALL LAKE,  which is available to borrow from each of your associations and cooperatives, thanks to the generosity of our Treasurer and his wife Jack and Ronnie Waltzer.  We need to continue to educate ourselves in ways to preserve Peach Lake.

Our Coalition is also interested in organizing future workshops in reducing invasive plants, educating ourselves on lake buffering plantings to reduce storm water runoff and alternatives to pesticides.  We, as well, look forward to a Spring Cleanup and other fun functions to bring us together.

With all the above in mind, I encourage you to view our newly formed website, thanks to Lori Tripoli from Bloomerside. The website address is  There will also be a link to our newsletter, compiled periodically by Diane Bamford of Bloomerside.

Please stay tuned – your involvement in any way you can, is deeply appreciated. Our next meeting is January 6, 2014 at the Vails Grove Pavilion at 7 pm.

Best of the New Year to all.


Peggy Boyle, on behalf of the Board of the Peach Lake Environmental Coalition.



Are you planning a vacation? Are you a seasonal or part-time resident? What you need to know about going away and your grinder pump!


  • Leave clean water in your grinder pump.

If you are leaving your home for a couple of weeks or for a season, it is important to fill your grinder pump with clean water.  You do not want to leave dirty water or waste in the pump for any length of time. The E-One Grinder Pump holds 75 gallons.  A regular tub – 5 foot long, 14 inches high, and 28 inches wide -holds about 50 gallons. Fill your tub and drain it twice. This will pump all the sewage into the sewer lines and fill your grinder pump with clean water.

If you are draining your pipes when you leave your home, flush the grinder pump with fresh water as stated above. Then turn off the water source BEFORE the water meter. Drain all the water from the pipes. It is imperative that all water be drained from the line the water meter is on or the water meter may crack and cause water leaks in your home.

  •  Leave electric to grinder pump on.

Do not turn off the circuit/fuse for the grinder pump. It is important to leave the electric on so the alarm may continue to work.

  • Leave this information with those responsible for checking on your home.

 Valley River Environmental Services, Inc. (VRI) is the company that manages the sewage treatment plant and overall system. Matt Kroog of VRI is usually at the plant from 9am to 4:30pm. The number for the plant is 845-669 5216. An emergency number to call for VRI before or after hours is (800) 880-6165. This number will reach a service which is manned 24 – 7 that will dispatch a crew.

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PLEC Newsletter-Nov. 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

To: All Homeowners, Residents, and Business Owners in the Greater Peach Lake Community

cc : Brewster and North Salem Town Supervisors


Dear Neighbors,

We are writing to you with good news.  The Peach Lake Environmental Committee (PLEC) and the Peach Lake Coalition (PLC) have merged to form the new PEACH LAKE ENVIRONMENTAL COALITION.  The primary purpose of this new coalition is to improve the environmental health of Peach Lake and its surroundings by:

  • Fostering interest in the natural environment of Peach Lake
  • Conducting discussions and forums to consider community opinions about Peach Lake environmental issues and evaluating the impact of those issues on the community
  • Educating the public regarding environmental issues pertinent to saving Peach Lake
  • Encouraging citizen participation in the coalition and involvement in local and state government actions related to Peach Lake
  • Organizing fun events for you to meet your neighbors who live in the Peach Lake community

You may be wondering why this organization is necessary now that the sewer district is up and running.  The primary pollutant of the lake is drainage and storm water runoff.  Forming the sewer district was the first step towards improving the environmental health of our communities and the lake.  The new coalition will assist in determining what the next steps will be and the most practical and affordable way to achieve them.

Many successful environmental efforts are based on the efforts of coalitions.  Whether its ranchers and land preservations in the West or major corporations and river keepers in the East, coalitions find the common ground between differing factions enabling them to work towards achieving a common goal.  The Peach Lake Environmental Coalition illustrates this principle perfectly.  It is formed of long-time residents and newcomers.  Participants are interested in recreation, sports, science and nature, and socializing with family and friends around the lake.   We all agree that it s such a special environment!  Improving the health of the lake will not only improve our quality of life around the lake but enhance all of our property values.

Organizationally, the Peach Lake Environmental Coalition is comprised of 3 board appointed directors from Bloomerside Cooperative Inc., Northern Westchester Country Club Association, Pietsche Gardens Cooperative Inc., and Starr Ridge Manor Association.  Vails Grove Cooperative Inc. is represented by 6 directors because it is the largest community situated on Peach Lake.

The Coalition’s Officers are:

  • Peggy Boyle – President
  • Tom Duffy – Vice President
  • Jack Waltzer – Treasurer
  • Lori Tripoli – Secretary

Membership is free and is comprised of all residents, property owners and business owners in the greater Peach Lake community.

Several committees have already been formed and are chaired by the following directors:

  • Outlet Committee – Scott Cerosky
  • Lake Ecology Committee – Lorraine Janus Hathaway
  • Grant Committee – Peggy Boyle
  • Outreach Committee – Diane Bamford

News and contact information will be available on our website – and through our newsletter.   Individuals may register to receive the newsletter from the website.  An archive of newsletters will also be available on the website.

Director meetings will be held on the first Monday of the month and are open to all members.  Our next meeting will be on Monday, December 2nd at 7:00 pm at Vails’ Grove pavilion.

We look forward to your questions, participation and involvement in the Peach Lake Environmental Coalition.  This will insure a cleaner and healthier Peach Lake for everyone.

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